Catalyst Cloud announces new NZ-owned cloud region in Auckland

21 September, 2022

Today we are pleased to announce that Catalyst Cloud will be establishing a new cloud region in Auckland in mid-2024. Catalyst Cloud is Aotearoa New Zealand's locally owned cloud provider, and has been operating here for 8 years from three cloud regions. This latest investment reflects our commitment to building world class, strategic cloud infrastructure, owned by Kiwis, for Kiwis.

Catalyst Cloud is Toitū net carbonzero certified, and our All-of-Government Cloud Framework Agreement makes it quick and easy for public sector organisations to use our cloud, meet their carbon reduction targets and protect citizen data.

Our new cloud region will operate from a state-of-the-art facility accredited to support high security workloads. It will provide the availability and durability that our customers require, while keeping their data and systems secure. The facility and our cloud region will meet the needs of customers who want to ensure that their data is not subject to overseas laws or access by other nations.

The Auckland region will consist of multiple availability zones, making it easier for customers to implement high availability patterns and practices. Networks created on demand by customers will span across all availability zones, in an all-active model that makes shifting Internet-facing resources between locations easy, fast and able to be automated. Other resources can be easily moved or automatically balanced between availability zones.

Catalyst Cloud operates a true public cloud, as defined by the NIST definition of cloud computing. We don't cloudwash legacy solutions and we're not reselling someone else's cloud. We provide a wide range of cloud services that will already feel familiar to engineers who have used other cloud providers.

Being locally owned, Catalyst Cloud is subject exclusively to NZ laws and privacy regulations - Not only does your data never leave our shores, it never leaves our legal jurisdiction. This is critical for data sovereignty, and is aligned with principles of Māori data sovereignty. Our mission is to build a strategic cloud capability that is free from overseas control, that provides opportunities to grow our local tech industry and talent pool, that honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and that continually invests back into our economy for future generations.