Catalyst Cloud enables Actionstep to grow in NZ

Catalyst Cloud enables Actionstep to pursue our growth strategy in New Zealand and beyond with confidence.
Ted Jordan

Ted Jordan


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Actionstep is a software company going places. Their software, a practice management and trust accounting system, provides a complete business solution for law firms, professional services and government clients, all within the cloud.

A key feature of the Actionstep software is that it is accessible anywhere, anytime, and by a large numbers of users; therefore Actionstep relies on the software being supported by fast, stable, efficient, and scalable hosting. Actionstep's staff need to be able to trust that their cloud provider will resolve any issues swiftly to allow their ever-growing number of users to get back to work without interruptions.

Why did Actionstep go out looking for a NZ based Cloud Service Provider?

Many of Actionstep's New Zealand customers work in fields where data sovereignty is a concern - they need their data stored in New Zealand under New Zealand law. In the past this meant Actionstep did their own hosting for these clients which was outside their core focus as a business. Actionstep wanted to offer their customers a better way of doing things without any of the downsides; this meant a move away from self hosting towards the Catalyst Cloud.

With a fast growing business and customer list, Actionstep also needed a solution that could grow with them as their demand increased. Their cloud provider needed to provide this scalability without disruption or a loss of performance.

How did Catalyst Cloud help Actionstep improve their business and drive more sales?

As soon as the Catalyst Cloud launched in 2014, Actionstep approached us about signing up. Previously using a combination of offshore cloud providers and in house hosting to service their New Zealand customers, Actionstep recognised the need for low latency and data sovereignty as a priority for their customers. We're able to keep Actionstep's data, and therefore the data of their diverse New Zealand customers, in New Zealand. This is particularly important for law firms and government customers. We can also pass on the advantage of low latency to them – their information is sent faster, so there's no waiting around for the application to update.

Thanks to the Amazon AWS compatible APIs, it was relatively easy for Actionstep to adapt their existing infrastructure deployment, automation and management scripts to use the Catalyst Cloud.

Some overseas customers have also expressed an interest in their Actionstep instance being hosted in New Zealand. This is because this country is seen as a 'safe haven' for data. Actionstep's productive working relationship with Catalyst makes this possible.

The Catalyst Cloud means Actionstep staff never again have to worry about 'what ifs' - because we handle their hosting, they can be assured all data is regularly backed up, and business continuity is guaranteed. This is great news for Actionstep customers, too.