Kubernetes Service (Tech Preview)

Run containerised applications on Kubernetes clusters that are fully managed and integrated with the Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Kubernetes Service makes it easy for you to deploy, manage, and scale Kubernetes clusters to run containerised applications on the Catalyst Cloud.

The service gives you access to Kubernetes standard APIs, CLI (kubectl) and the dashboard. Moreover, Catalyst has integrated the Prometheus monitoring solution to it, providing you with visibility and performance graphs for every container running on the platform.

Kubernetes has been carefully tuned, hardened and integrated with our OpenStack cloud. Multiple master nodes are created for increased availability and resiliency. Connectivity between pods uses the underlying network service and has been optimised for performance and security. Stateful applications can persist data on volumes provided by the block storage service. Ingress controllers make your containerised applications available to the internet using the L7 application load balancer service.

Certified Kubernetes


CNCF certified

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation certification provides confidence that the Kubernetes APIs work as expected and guarantees portability and interoperability with other certified providers.

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Identity & access management

Control access to Kubernetes using Catalyst Cloud accounts and use roles to determine who has access to the container orchestration service.

Network security

Use network policies to improve security and restrict network traffic between services running in pods.

High availability

Deploy multiple master nodes in anti-affinity to improve the availability and resiliency of the Kubernetes control plane.

Horizontal scalability

Easily scale master and worker nodes by defining the node count and compute flavour used by them.

Integrated monitoring

Monitor the performance of each container launched by Kubernetes using the integrated Prometheus monitoring system.

Stateful applications

Persistent volume claims will automatically allocate block storage volumes that can be used by stateful applications to persist data.

Ingress controller

Ingress controllers will automatically create and manage L7 application load balancers on your behalf to expose containerised applications to the internet.

Vanilla Kubernetes

Catalyst Kubernetes Service is based on vanilla Kubernetes, allowing you to use all standard services and tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem (such as Helm, Draft, and Brigade).

100% open source

Developed upstream in collaboration with the OpenStack community and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Available for organisations to run in their private clouds.

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The Catalyst Kubernetes Service is free to use. You will only pay for the infrastructure resources allocated by your Kubernetes clusters (such as compute, network and storage).