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Why data sovereignty matters

Your data is gold. Not only is it critical to your operations, but you have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of your customers and users. You need to keep their details safe from unauthorised access and minimise the risk of data loss and corruption.

On top of that, there’s a new concern. Overseas governments may require cloud providers that come under their jurisdiction to hand over the keys to their digital vaults. Even if the data is held in New Zealand, a foreign-owned cloud provider may be forced to comply.

It's a serious concern. But it won’t be an issue if you’re with Catalyst Cloud.

Data residency vs data sovereignty. What’s the difference?

‘Data residency’ simply refers to the physical location of the data storage. In recent years, foreign-owned cloud providers have started building facilities in New Zealand. But even if their data centres are eventually located in this country, these cloud providers are still subject to overseas laws.

For instance, US-owned cloud providers are subject to the US CLOUD Act. This means they can be forced to hand over data to the US authorities, even against the companies’ wishes. Data that’s stored in New Zealand then comes under the jurisdiction of foreign data privacy laws.

And it’s not just American companies - many other nations, including Australia, have passed laws extending their jurisdiction over data across international borders.

By contrast, ‘data sovereignty’ offers you more robust protection. It refers to the jurisdictional control or legal authority that can be asserted over data, regardless of its physical location.

Any organisation that wishes to have its cloud data subject to New Zealand laws and controlled by New Zealanders should insist on data sovereignty.

"Using Catalyst Cloud services is the only clear way to ensure that NZ law applies to your data and applications, the only clear way. Use Catalyst Cloud services if you want to be absolutely sure of where you stand."

Hiria Te Rangi Co-Founder, Tumu Labs

Why choose Catalyst Cloud?

  • Avoid unauthorised access-200px200px

    Avoid unauthorised access

    Overseas staff, contractors or government agents may be able to access cloud data held by providers that come under the jurisdiction of their home countries. That won’t happen with Catalyst Cloud.

  • Māori data sovereignty-200px200px

    Māori data sovereignty

    Data is a taonga. Our Māori customers tell us they like our open software approach and the fact that their data stored with Catalyst Cloud stays in Aotearoa, subject to our nation’s laws, as they work to assert Māori data sovereignty.

  • Compliance with the Privacy Act-200px200px

    Compliance with the Privacy Act

    The strong protections of the Privacy Act can only be enforced if your data is held onshore and compliant with New Zealand law and privacy regulations. It’s part of the package with Catalyst Cloud.

  • NZ-owned and operated-200px200px

    New Zealand owned and operated

    Catalyst Cloud is owned, operated and controlled by New Zealanders. No other cloud provider operating here can claim that. Our team is close to our customers, and every dollar spent on our cloud services drives local innovation, employment and growth.

Legal opinion on jurisdictional risk

Read the legal opinion of Dr James Every-Palmer KC on the jurisdictional risk associated with hosting data in a cloud provider with foreign ownership.

Opinion re Govt use of cloud and jurisdictional risk - December 2022

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