Reliable and fast software defined network services

Catalyst Cloud gives you complete control over your virtual private cloud network, allowing you to implement an optimal network architecture to suit your application's needs.


Software defined networks

You are in full control to create and manage routers, networks and sub-nets. Use the interactive network topology view to explore your network design.

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Access control

Security groups enable you to control network traffic based on access policies, such as destination, protocol, type, direction and port.

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Floating IPs

Allocate public IPs to connect your compute instances to the Internet. Remap floating IPs to redirect network traffic near instantly.

Highly reliable

Designed with no single points of failure, our networks are optimised to keep on going not matter what happens.

Recursive DNS servers

For maximum availability, we provide and maintain on your behalf recursive DNS servers within each region.

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Resource type Description Price per hour (ex GST) Price per month (ex GST)
n1.ipv4 Floating public IP $0.006 $4.50 First network Free Free Subsequent networks $0.0164 $12.00
n1.router First router Free Free
n1.router Subsequent routers $0.017 $13.00
n1.vpn VPN $0.017 $13.00

Data transfer

Transfer type Description Price per GB (ex GST)
n1.local Between instances in the same cloud region Free
n1.inter-region Between instances in different cloud regions $0.12
n1.national-in National data transfer from the internet to the cloud Free
n1.national-out National data transfer from the cloud to the internet $0.12 International data transfer from the internet to the cloud Free International data transfer from the cloud to the internet $0.30