Work with us at Catalyst Cloud

Our story

Catalyst Cloud is proud to be Aotearoa New Zealand's cloud provider, competing with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google. We provide true public and private cloud computing services, delivered 100% onshore and under NZ legal jurisdiction.

Catalyst Cloud is a team filled with talented developers, engineers and those that are not tech-minded who all believe in keeping cloud infrastructure and data safe in Kiwi hands. The majority of us have a pretty good sense of humour, which makes the work day exciting and never the same. We give our staff the ability to choose what working arrangement suits them best.


We have an all-of-government agreement, are serious about information security and, as of July 2022, are certified as net carbonzero!

We have office locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and staff working remotely from around the country. We are open to staff choosing what works best for them. Flexible working means we get to grow our company by hiring the best talent, regardless of location. This makes Catalyst Cloud a more inclusive company with diverse perspectives and a place where everyone can contribute. We are committed to working in this new era of teamwork.

Why work with us?

People first

We are a People First company committed to providing and celebrating a diverse and inclusive workplace where people are cared for deeply and can bring their full selves to work.

Our Staff Grant

We provide each of our staff with $500 per month worth of cloud resources to manage their personal projects. This gives our teams the chance to experience our cloud as our customers do.

Looking after our staff

We foster a culture where people feel comfortable talking about their own well-being. We understand that everyone will have their highs and lows, and where we can help, we will. We provide EAP services as well as Health Insurance and our staff are encouraged to make the most of it to stay healthy!

What is most important to us

Anyone will tell you that what’s important to us is Data Sovereignty and Guardianship. Being a key part of our nation's digital infrastructure, and keeping your data safe and in Aotearoa, are what drives us to work as hard as we do. We value the trust and privacy of our customers' critical systems.


This is our weekly allocation of time that our staff can use to explore opportunities and contribute to open source projects. It also allows staff to contribute to Catalyst Cloud in ways that are outside the scope of their role or work on projects that may assist their professional development.

Our recruitment process

The best way to apply is through our recruitment site. When you apply for a role here your application will come to our People Experience Team and the hiring manager for the role you have applied for.

The process does differ from role to role but we generally try to follow the same process. We start off by shortlisting our applicants and inviting them for a coffee catch-up. This is a short informal interview that gives the applicant and hiring manager a chance to get to know each other better and ask some more questions about the role. From the coffee chat-ups, we then select the applicants we wish to interview and someone from the People Team will be in touch to set up a time. Where possible we will try and offer a diverse interview panel so each candidate can get to know people from different parts of the business. From there we will pick our preferred candidate and will be in contact to complete reference checks before providing them with an offer of employment.
For each of our staff, we also need to complete a criminal record check the with Ministry of Justice and this will be done alongside the offer of employment.

Interview prep

Do your research and find out a bit about what we do and what drives us as a company. Make sure you read the role description, and you have experiences that you can share that relates to the role you are applying for. We are really keen for you to give us examples of what you have tackled in your career so far and what experience you will bring to this role.

We also want to make sure Catalyst Cloud is the right fit for you, so we will want to know what areas for development we can help with and what your career aspirations are.

Accommodating everyone

When you apply for a role at Catalyst Cloud, you will have the chance to share with us if you need any support or if you need us to make extra accommodations for you in the recruitment process. We are more than happy to make the required changes to ensure you have the best recruitment experience. If you have further questions or requests you can contact the People Experience Team at our HR email.

Who are we looking for?

We could throw some fancy buzz words at you, but let's be real - we are looking for people that will add to our team culture, by bringing their own style and quirks to the role. Whether you think you are right for the role or not, we want you to apply! It is wildly known that women and people of colour are less likely to apply for a role if they do not meet the full list of requirements. We encourage you to apply even if your past experience does not completely align with our role description. You never know, you might bring the thing we didn't know we needed! We want to support you to take a leap, trust your abilities, and bring your whole self to our team so we can all make a difference together.

Sound good? See what we have available.

We share a careers page with our sister company Catalyst.Net. You can find out job postings by looking for our green logo.