Private Cloud

Managed private cloud service for OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and Swift

Catalyst Cloud approaches private clouds as a managed service, not a product. In essence, we manage your cloud regions as if they were part of Catalyst Cloud's public cloud, using the same proven software, team, and operational procedures.

Key benefits

Our managed private cloud service enables organisations to succeed with OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph and Swift through the following key benefits:

  • Collaboration

    24/7 professional support

    We monitor and manage private clouds 24/7. Our ability to introduce features or fix bugs upstream enable us to deliver high-quality support and professional services to customers.

  • Compliance

    Expert independent advice

    We know what works and what doesn’t. We can help you navigate the complexity and multitude of options available without any bias. We are a pure services company, with no conflicts of interest in trying to sell you hardware or software.

  • Fast Data Transfer

    Full stack solution

    We provide you with the complete software stack for your private cloud, including hardware, network virtualisation, distributed storage and management tools (such as monitoring and capacity planning).

  • Bring Your Own Tools

    Modular, drop-in-rack approach

    Core racks are delivered as a minimum footprint, scalable as required for additional capacity across multiple availability zones and regions.

  • No lock in

    100% open source

    Our solution is based on upstream code from and There are no proprietary hooks that cause vendor lock-in, so you can benefit from the freedom and broad ecosystem surrounding OpenStack and Kubernetes.

  • Volume discount

    Cost efficient

    Our solution has no software licensing or subscription costs beyond the SLA, so the price does not skyrocket as you succeed and grow. We provide a cost efficient price based on the real effort required to operate and maintain your private cloud.

  • Innovation

    System integration expertise

    We are experts in integrating OpenStack and Kubernetes with other systems, and capable of introducing new features upstream to support your private cloud needs.

  • Data sovereignty

    Training & support

    For organisations that prefer to have their own engineers responsible for the day to day maintenance of the private cloud, we can provide training and third level support agreements.

About OpenStack

OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data centre, empowering developers and system administrators to provision IT services via a web interface or APIs.


OpenStack is the leading cloud operating system that automates all actions in a data centre, exposing them via an open API. At its foundation, OpenStack implements software defined compute, storage and networking. Using these primitives, it builds and delivers more sophisticated infrastructure and platform services.

The following diagram illustrates the collection of projects that are part of OpenStack. Some of these projects are considered core functionality and are present in every cloud, while others are added based on customer’s requirements. Our private cloud consulting services help you to understand what projects are needed and how they should be implemented and configured to achieve your business goals.

OpenStack services map

Service levels

The following table outlines the service level objectives commonly agreed with private cloud customers.

Private Cloud SLA

About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud specialises in the delivery of cloud services using open source software and open hardware. We are part of Australasia’s top open source software company, Catalyst IT, which has over 340 employees and offices in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Catalyst Cloud is the largest contributor of source code to OpenStack in New Zealand and Australia. Our cloud engineers are deeply involved in the development of new services and improvements to OpenStack and Kubernetes. Our ability to introduce features or fix bugs upstream enable us to deliver high-quality support and professional services to customers.

We are the company behind New Zealand’s most advanced and reliable public cloud service, Catalyst Cloud. Over the last five years, we have developed best practices to implement, secure, monitor, troubleshoot, audit, perform capacity planning, update and upgrade OpenStack and Kubernetes.

Our private cloud services build on our proven experience in running Catalyst Cloud. Private clouds implemented by us are built and managed by the same team of engineers that run Catalyst Cloud, using the same proven software and operational procedures. As a result, our private cloud customers benefit from robust service levels and cost effective implementation and ongoing support.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) Small

As New Zealand's first and only Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, Catalyst Cloud joins an international cohort of pre-qualified and vetted service providers with proven deep experience in helping organisations successfully adopt Kubernetes.

The certification gives enterprise clients buying Catalyst Cloud's Private Cloud services the confidence they are in safe, expert hands for scalable deployments.


Please contact us to discuss pricing and time-frames.