Fixed, long-term and heavily discounted allocation of CPU and RAM inside a dedicated public cloud Enclave

Blending private and public cloud methodologies, Enclave allows users to purchase a large, fixed amount of CPU and RAM for a 5-year term. This Enclave is then provisioned for the user with constistent, lower prices and enhanced security through dedicated VMs and hypervisors. What’s more, if you burst over your Enclave’s capacity, you’ll default back to normal public cloud just for when needed.

Key benefits

Enclave enables larger organisations or teams to benefit from the scalability of public cloud but with the economy of scale and security of private cloud:

  • Volume discount

    Fixed monthly pricing

    Enclave prices are reliable, consistent and charged monthly, meaning no fluctuations in cloud expenditure

  • Volume discount for public sector clients-200px200px

    Steep discounts

    Enclave prices are up to 75% lower than comparable, Pay as you Use public cloud

  • On-demand_ self-service

    Burstable scaling whenever needed

    Automatic bursting into public cloud if demand exceeds the Enclave's CPU and RAM allocation

  • Compliance with the Privacy Act-200px200px

    Enterprise-level security

    Dedicated hypervisors means your compute will be completely secure and reserved for your use

  • NZ-owned and operated-200px200px

    Full Catalyst Cloud capabilities, SLA and interfaces

    Access all the innovation and services available in Catalyst Cloud's public cloud

  • Bring Your Own Tools

    Setup assessment and sizing assistance

    We will help you setup, size and scale up your Enclave workloads as part of our onboarding process

  • Data sovereignty-200px200px

    New Zealand Data Sovereignty

    Your data will always run and be processed in our datacentres across Aotearoa

  • Collaboration

    24/7 customer support

    Get default 24/7 customer support for your Enclave services

About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud specialises in the delivery of cloud services using open source software and open hardware. We are part of Australasia’s top open source software company, Catalyst IT, which has over 340 employees and offices in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

Catalyst Cloud is the largest contributor of source code to OpenStack in New Zealand and Australia. Our cloud engineers are deeply involved in the development of new services and improvements to OpenStack and Kubernetes. Our ability to introduce features or fix bugs upstream enable us to deliver high-quality support and professional services to customers.

We are the company behind New Zealand’s most advanced and reliable public cloud service, Catalyst Cloud. Over the last five years, we have developed best practices to implement, secure, monitor, troubleshoot, audit, perform capacity planning, update and upgrade OpenStack and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) Small

As New Zealand's first and only Kubernetes Certified Service Provider, Catalyst Cloud joins an international cohort of pre-qualified and vetted service providers with proven deep experience in helping organisations successfully adopt Kubernetes.

The certification gives enterprise clients buying Catalyst Cloud's Public Cloud services the confidence they are in safe, expert hands for scalable deployments.


Please contact us to discuss pricing and time-frames.