VPN (Beta)

Securely connect Catalyst Cloud to existing networks

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows you to extend your existing office networks into the Catalyst Cloud, so that cloud hosted applications can be accessed as if they were local. It also enables you to integrate cloud applications with systems that are hosted on-premise or with other infrastructure providers.

Data transferred over the VPN is encrypted using the industry standard IPsec protocol.


Secure connection

Based off the IPsec protocol, traffic travelling through the VPN tunnel is secured against interception.

Easy integration

VPNs allow you to treat two or more networks as a single private network. This makes integration much simpler.

Easy setup

Do it straight from the web interface, or use our handy bash script.

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Use your standards

Define your own IKE and IPsec policies. Choose your preferred encryption algorithm from industry standards like aes-256.

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Resource type Description Price per hour (ex GST) Price per month (ex GST)
n1.vpn VPN $0.017 $13.00