Object Storage

Store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere using native web protocols

The ideal service to store data for websites, web applications, mobile applications, IoT sensors, and devices. Object storage can also be used for data archival, data lakes, backups and disaster recovery.

Designed for 99.999999999% of durability, objects are automatically replicated to preserve three copies of the data, one in each region of the Catalyst Cloud. All object storage operations are done via a modern and easy to use REST API.

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Data durability

Designed for 99.999999999% of durability, object storage automatically replicates your data to preserve three copies of it, one in each region of the Catalyst Cloud.

Data integrity

Automatic checksums run from time to time to ensure data integrity. Objects are automatically re-created from healthy replicas if data corruption is detected.

Encryption at rest

Data stored in object storage is automatically encrypted at rest using an AES 256-bit cipher.

Access control

Containers can be made public or private with a single click. You can also generate temporary URLs for granular public access to individual objects.

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Object versioning

Containers can be configured to automatically store previous versions of objects when they are modified.

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Temporary URL

Expose individual objects to the internet for a configurable time period.

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Static websites

You can host static websites and serve them straight out of object storage, without the need of additional web servers.

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S3 compatible

S3 compatible APIs, so you do not have to re-factor applications which currently use Amazon S3.

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Storage type Description Price per hour per GB (ex GST) Price per month per GB (ex GST)
o1.standard Three replicas of the data preserved, one in each region of the Catalyst Cloud $0.000275 $0.20