Cloud Orchestration

Deploy, scale, and maintain availability of application stacks

Cloud orchestration allows you to deploy applications and infrastructure using a simple template language that describes the required resources and their relationship. It also enables you to maintain availability and scale applications automatically according to demand, optimising performance and costs.

The orchestration service manages the life-cycle of application stacks on your behalf. When a template is modified, the service orchestrates the required changes to the infrastructure and software configuration in the appropriate order. Templates can be managed like code and stored on your preferred version control system.

The service can integrates easily with configuration management systems like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt. It can run these configuration management systems in standalone mode, or be used to present compute instances back to them for software configuration.


Powerful templating language

Deploy and manage entire application stacks using a simple YAML template

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Event tracking

Troubleshoot and monitor the state of the application stack using the events audit trail

Auto scaling groups

Compute instances can be scaled out/in according to CPU utilisation, dynamically optimising the performance and cost of applications

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Auto healing

Automatically repairs compute instances that fail to meet the health checks defined, increasing application availability

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Free. There are no additional charges for the use of the cloud orchestration service. You will only pay for the resources consumed by your running application stacks (such as compute, network and storage).