Catalyst Cloud Development Programme

Helping New Zealand developers build Cloud native applications right next to their customers, cheaper and faster.

We offer free Catalyst Cloud usage up to the value of $500 per month for the purpose of researching and developing Cloud-native platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service offerings targeting the New Zealand market.

This discount programme is subject to the standard Catalyst Cloud Terms and Conditions and the following special terms:

The Customer must set up a project exclusively for their Qualifying Usage (as defined below), and charges for this project under the sum of $500 in a billing month will be waived by Catalyst.

  1. All usage of the project must be Qualifying Usage. If any usage is not Qualifying Usage, no credit is applicable for that month. Issue of a credit may be reversed if it is discovered that any usage did not qualify, in which case full charges shall be payable for all usage in that period.
  2. This discount programme applies for an initial term of six months from acceptance, and is renewable every six months at Catalyst's sole discretion. Catalyst may also terminate the discount programme on a per customer basis or for all customers with 30 days notice.
  3. Qualifying Usage is defined as consumption that does not provide production services: that is, the software deployed in the cloud must not support active and operational processes that are utilised in the Customer's current revenue-earning or other business activities, backup, or disaster recovery. Instead, the consumption should be to support the development and testing of software that will be used in the future for such revenue-earning or other business activities.