Ingress Protection

The Internet is a hostile place, prevent downtime and customer disruption with attack mitigations

What does Ingress Protection provide?

Ingress Protection limits the impact of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks by automatically flagging excessive incoming traffic (so called "volumetric attacks") and blocking the sources of those attacks. This is applied to Layer 3 (IP) and Layer 4 (TCP and UDP) network protocols, but does not inspect content within packets to identify if this is a known attack or provide finer grained awareness of attacks.

All traffic which is directed towards resources hosted by Catalyst Cloud from the Internet is passed through this protection layer, it does not need to be activated specifically for your account or resources. As it applies to all Internet traffic, it is not possible to opt-out of the protection layer. Direct Connect traffic does not come via the Internet, and is not passed through the protection layer.

We strongly recommend that you purchase Premium Support to ensure you have access to our support channels should you experience any kind of attack.

Powered by CloudFlare

The Ingress Protection service is powered by Cloudflare, the world-wide leaders in protecting services on the Internet and trusted by millions of Internet properties. Cloudflare can scrub traffic in more than 200 locations, ensuring that you are protected as early as possible from attack sources and at rates over 59Tbit/s. Mitigation will typically kick-in at under 3 seconds, ensuring that your service experiences as little disruption as possible when attacked.

As the service only looks at volumetric attacks in Layer 3 and Layer 4, any encrypted data is not accessible by CloudFlare.

Ingress Protection Features

Ingress Protection helps protect your services from attacks

Mitigate L3 and L4 Volumetric attacks

Layer 3 (IP) and Layer 4 (TCP and UDP) volumetric attacks are the most common DDoS on the Internet, and what this service mitigates against

Always-on, zero config

All traffic directed to any resource in Catalyst Cloud from the Internet is covered by this protection, and you don't need to remember to enable it. (Direct Connect traffic is not included.)

Integrated with Premium Support

Premium Support customers get access to energineering support when attacks occur, to fine-tune response and mitigations


Ingress Protection Basic is included with all accounts by default, and does not need to be activated, free of charge.

We strongly recommend that you also purchase Premium Support to ensure that you have access to our support channels if you are experiencing an attack.

Catalyst Cloud can also provide higher level services such as Web Application Firewalls if you wish to protect your systems from more specific directed attacks. Please contact us for more details.