On-demand, scalable, high-performance compute instances

The compute service allows you to obtain and configure compute capacity according to business demand. When using it, there are no waiting or lead times. You can create or scale compute instances up and down in seconds via the web dashboard or APIs.

You have complete control over your virtual machines, including root and console access. You can choose from a list of pre-configured operating system images (Linux and Windows), or to upload your own using the imaging service. Full support for volume-based backups, shelving of servers to reduce costs, and a variety of sizes and hardware features.

Customers using this service

Join a growing list of organisations who rely on the Catalyst Cloud for their compute needs.

Compute Types

Catalyst Cloud offers different compute types for different workloads. Click on any of the types below to learn more about that type and pricing.


General purpose production virtual servers, for most workloads.

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C2 Burst

Burstable CPU virtual servers, ideal for low demand and development environments

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Virtual servers with high-frequency CPUs and NVIDIA GPU support for accelerated workloads

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Prices for our compute services can be found under each of the pages above for each compute type we offer.