Premium Support

Our team of highly experienced engineers and consultants bring the personal touch to your cloud service

Premium Support offers customers higher levels of contact, response time, and cloud skills that you may not have within your own organisation. While Basic support is enough for teams that have a high level of skill using Cloud platforms and are willing to support themselves, Premium Support ensures that any problems you face with Cloud usage or design can be handled by highly skilled professionals that can solve your problems quickly.

Premium Support Features

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

For Enterprise level customers, we provide a dedicated technical account manager who can work with your teams one-on-one as needed, engage in collaboration channels, and visit on-site.

24x7 Support by Phone

For Enterprise and Business level customers, you can raise issues or support requests by phone 24x7.

Architecture and Design

All support levels come with Architecture and Design advice, ranging from best practices through to detailed application-specific advice.

Close Support

For Enterprise level customers, you can request a hands-on-keyboard person to be standing by for critical launches and events.

Response SLA

For all Premium Support levels, we offer a response time SLA, as fast as 15 minutes for Enterprise level customers.

Compare Plans

Basic Developer Business Enterprise
24x7x365 delivery of the cloud services
Documentation, white papers and best-practice guides
Billing support
Incident management (break/fix tickets) 8x5 support tickets 24x7 support tickets or phone 24x7 support tickets or phone
Target response time for priority one incidents < 1 business day < 1 hour < 15 minutes
Architecture support Best practice Use-case specific Application architecture
Consultative tickets (“How to” questions) Phone, email Phone, email, face-to-face
Dedicated technical account manager
Price Included $180 per month Greater of $1,000 / month or 10% of monthly usage Greater of $20,000 / month or 10% of monthly usage

Support Scope

The premium support covers development and production issues for all products and services offered by the Catalyst Cloud. This includes:

  • Incidents affecting services provided by the Catalyst Cloud
  • Troubleshooting issues with the APIs, management console or other tools provided by the Catalyst Cloud
  • Questions related to the use of the services or best practices in the use of the cloud.

Premium support does not include:

  • Code development
  • Performing system administration tasks

Contact methods

Every customer has access to the support portal in our dashboard to raise tickets where there are failures with our service. For Basic support customers, we will acknowledge the ticket but not provide updates on the status except by our status page. Premium Support customers can raise tickets on a variety of support questions and will receive updates on any tickets they raise about status. Enterprise and Business level customers can also raise issues or requests 24x7 by phone.

Response times and resolution

The target response time for incidents is based on their priority level. We will use all reasonable efforts to meet the following response times:

Priority level Response time Available for
Critical (P1) 15 minutes Enterprise
Urgent (P2) 1 hour Enterprise, Business
High (P3) 4 hours Enterprise, Business
Medium (P4) 1 day Enterprise, Business, Developer
Low (P5) 2 days Enterprise, Business, Developer

We consider an incident resolved when:

  • The service levels have been restored to normal (as defined by our Service Terms); or
  • The root cause lies with third party software being used by you; or
  • You fail to follow up on actions or questions from Catalyst for five days.

Incident prioritisation

The priority of an incident is the product of its urgency and impact. The following table provides guidance on how to prioritise incidents.

Priority Level Description
Critical (P1) A single region of Catalyst Cloud is unavailable, causing interruption to all services in that region.
Urgent (P2) Most resources of Catalyst Cloud in a single region are unavailable or have service levels significantly impacted.
High (P3) A critical function of a single resource is unavailable or significantly impacted.
Medium (P4) A non-critical function of a resources is unavailable or significantly impacted.
Low (P5) Reduced performance but continues to function to acceptable response times; or for informational requests (eg, architecture)

(Note: Previously the Premium Support levels were called "Silver" for Developer, "Gold" for Business, and "Platinum" for Enterprise. The support level provided by default was called "Bronze" and is not a Premium Support level but instead called Basic.)