Managed Kubernetes

Run containerised applications on Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service (CCKS) clusters that are fully managed and integrated with Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service (CCKS) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale Kubernetes clusters to run containerised applications. You can fully automate the life-cycle of applications running on the cloud, becoming more agile with your workflows, enabling innovation and maximising your productivity.

The CCKS platform is fully managed and removes the need for specialist knowledge, allowing developers to focus on applications instead of wrangling with infrastructure.

With Catalyst Cloud monitoring and managing the CCKS platform 24/7 you can focus on delivering what really matters for your business.



Drive higher levels of agility, innovation, and reduce costs through the use of cloud native design patterns.

Interactive Research


Enjoy greater flexibility and choice with the benefit of an abstraction layer that allows you to consume cloud infrastructure from multiple providers, like a universal travel adapter.

Increased efficiency


Run your applications more efficiently, without having to understand the peculiarities of each cloud provider.


Vanilla Kubernetes

Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service is based on vanilla Kubernetes, allowing you to use all standard services and tools in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

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Workload portability

Certified Kubernetes enables portability and interoperability with other Kubernetes platforms on-premise or across cloud providers.

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Identity & access management

Control access in Kubernetes using Catalyst Cloud accounts and role permissions.

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Private clusters

Clusters are deployed to a private network by default and only made visible to the internet if you choose to do so.

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Network policies

Use network policies to improve security and restrict network traffic between services running in pods.

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Cluster resiliency

Master and worker nodes are created in anti-affinity groups to ensure the cluster can better tolerate hardware failures.

Cluster auto healing

Master and worker nodes are constantly monitored and automatically repaired in case of failures.

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Cluster auto scaling

Automatically scales number of worker nodes, based on changing workload requirements.

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Pod auto scaling

Automatically scales the number of pods according to CPU utilisation or a custom metric.

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Rolling upgrades

Easily upgrade to the latest supported version of Kubernetes with minimum or no downtime to applications.

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Stateful applications

Persistent volume claims will automatically allocate block storage volumes that can be used by stateful applications to persist data.

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Integrated load balancer

Kubernetes automatically creates and manages load balancers, so you can easily expose applications to your private networks or the internet.

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Integrated monitoring

Monitor the performance of each container launched by Kubernetes using the integrated Prometheus & Grafana monitoring system.

Integrated dashboard

Use the native dashboard to visualise and interact more easily with Kubernetes.

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100% open source

Developed upstream in collaboration with the OpenStack community and licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Available for organisations to run in their private clouds.

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Our Kubernetes experience doesn't just include orchestrating clusters for you, we have highly skilled trainers available for your developers and architects to learn the best practices to drive Kubernetes well


Even if you have a self-managed Kubernetes cluster, we can provide consulting services for your own deployments and designs as part of our Professional Services offerings


The Kubernetes platform is priced per cluster hour and per worker hour. The charges are:

  • $0.20 per cluster hour
  • $0.05 per worker hour

(All prices are excluding GST)

Why CNCF Certification is important

Certified Kubernetes (Small)

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program guarantees application portability and assures customers that Kubernetes APIs work as designed. We are the first in New Zealand to provide a CNCF certified Kubernetes platform service onshore.

The certification process puts Catalyst Cloud among the front-runners of companies worldwide developing emerging standards for cloud computing and providing a world-class solution to the New Zealand market.

The certification is in line with our strong commitment to openness and transparency. All the code we developed to create the Kubernetes Service is open source to benefit organisations here and worldwide.