Block Storage

Highly reliable, scalable and fast storage volumes for compute instances

The block storage service provides persistent storage volumes to compute instances on the Catalyst Cloud. When using it, there are no waiting or lead times. You can create or scale volumes up and down in seconds via the web dashboard or APIs.

Volumes are designed to be highly available and reliable. At no additional cost to you, data is replicated automatically within the region on multiple storage servers, increasing data durability and fault tolerance.

Block storage is suitable for workloads that require strong consistency, such as file systems and databases. They are presented to the operating system as a disk volume that can be formatted with your preferred file system or used as a raw block device. It also allows you to snapshot volumes to create point-in-time images of your volumes.


CRUD operations

Create, resize, delete storage volumes in seconds. Forget about waiting or lead times.

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Data stored in the Porirua and Hamilton regions is automatically encrypted at rest using an AES 256-bit cipher.

Attach and detach

Attach or detach additional storage volumes to compute instances.

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Snapshot volumes to create point-in-time images of your volumes. Snapshots can be used to clone a volumes or to roll back to a previous known state.

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Storage type Replication domain Replicas Disk Burst limit (IOPS) *1 Price per GB hour (ex GST) Price per GB month (ex GST)
b1.standard Single region 3 HDDs and SSDs 500 $0.000290 $0.21 *2 Single region 2 HDDs and SSDs 100 $0.000174 $0.12 Single region 3 HDDs and SSDs 250 $0.000240 $0.17 Single region 3 HDDs and SSDs 500 $0.000290 $0.21 Single region 3 NVME 1,000 $0.000367 $0.26 Single region 3 NVME 2,500 $0.000405 $0.29 Single region 3 NVME 5,000 $0.000483 $0.35

*1: Please note that the IOPS described on the table above are not guaranteed or provisioned IOPS, but rather the burst limit (ceiling) that each volume can reach from time to time.

*2: The storage type is not suitable for production use. It is designed for ephemeral workloads that require no guaranteed data durability or availability. It may be used for some development or test workloads.

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Service Levels

Volume types with three replicas provide 99.95% availability and high data durability.

Volume types with two replicas do not provide service level objectives for data availability or durability. They were designed for ephemeral workloads only.