Load Balancer

Highly available load balancer service to scale cloud applications

The load balancer service allows you to scale out and achieve better fault tolerance for your cloud-hosted applications. It can operate as an HTTP application load balancer (layer 7) or a network load balancer for TCP and UDP traffic (layer 4).


Highly available

By default, two load balancers are deployed and clustered for high availability.

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Health monitor

Create health monitoring rules to ensure only healthy targets receive traffic.

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HTTP(S) load balancing

Load balance HTTP(S) traffic across multiple backend instances. Implement content-based routing or switching using layer 7 policies and rules.

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TCP / UDP load balancing

Load balance TCP or UDP traffic on any port across a pool of compute instances within a region.

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Choice of algorithm

You can choose the round robin, source IP address, or least connection algorithm as your load balancing strategy.

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Connection draining

Remove members gracefully from the pool avoiding breaking open network connections from clients.

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Resource type Price per hour (ex GST) Price per month (ex GST)
n1.lb $0.034 $24.62

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