Our vision is that cloud computing should be a natural extension of the workstation of every researcher in New Zealand. We want researchers to have ultra fast access to unlimited compute and storage capacity, so they can deliver research results faster and in a reproducible manner.

We also believe that the adoption of open cloud API standards will increase collaboration and knowledge exchange between research organisations. Because of that, the Catalyst Cloud uses OpenStack, the same technology used by leading research organisations worldwide, such as CERN and NeCTAR.

If you have a research project you'd like to run on Catalyst Cloud, we have a dedicated research grant for those at accredited New Zealand research institutions. Click here to find out more or apply with the link below.


Join leading New Zealand researchers that are using the Catalyst Cloud to innovate, collaborate with global peers and deliver results faster.

  • Free Data Transfer

    Free data transfer

    The cost of transferring data to and from the cloud is no longer an obstacle for researchers. Thanks to an innovative partnership between REANNZ and Catalyst, data transfer to and from the Hamilton region via REANNZ is zero rated.

  • Volume discount

    Higher volume discounts

    Cloud usage from New Zealand research organisations is aggregated as a single customer, providing higher volume discounts across the board.

  • Interactive Research

    Interactive research made easy

    The Catalyst Cloud allows you to visually interact with data analysis and research tools thanks to its familiar compute service. It is as easy as using your own workstation and it has no capacity constraints.

  • Bring Your Own Tools

    Bring your own tools

    The Catalyst Cloud allows you to install and use all the tools you are familiar with. You can also upload and share machine images that contain pre-configured research tools and sample data sets.

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  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with peers around the world

    Our open API standard enables you to exchange research tools and collaborate with research peers worldwide. The Catalyst Cloud is based on OpenStack, also used by CERN, the NeCTAR research cloud in Australia and other leading research organisations.

  • Fast Data Transfer

    Fast data transfer

    Research organisations are connected to our Hamilton region via a fast fibre connection provided by REANNZ. In addition to that, the low network latency within New Zealand allows researchers to maximise network throughput and transfer data faster.

  • store-and-classify

    Store and classify research data

    Data and meta-data always go together in our object storage service. It allows you to store and share any amount of research data. This data can be easily made visible to all your compute instances, allowing you to process it at scale.