Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Statement

Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Catalyst Cloud recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Aotearoa New Zealand’s founding document. We are committed to upholding the mana of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation.


Catalyst Cloud seeks to foster a community that encourages understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all people. We recognise, celebrate and seek to increase diversity across our organisation.


Aotearoa New Zealand is a country of people from many cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. We want to let people know we are a welcoming, accessible, safe place for all people. Our company is committed to including and celebrating diversity and people from all backgrounds.


We believe that it is necessary to make reasonable effort to ensure fairness in the access individuals have to similar outcomes. Sometime individuals need to be supported on their personal pathway in order to achieve.


We understand that there are different ways of thinking, doing things, working and feeling connected that may differ from our own. It is okay to be different in the same place. We want everyone to feel safe to bring their whole self to work, or whatever they feel comfortable to bring. Everybody has the right to participate within an inclusive and safe space and to be treated with respect, care and a positive attitude.


We believe in the strength of diversity. We welcome all people regardless of gender, race, cultural, ethnic, religious or socio-economic background.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes people can fall short of our high standards for respecting diversity, equity and inclusion. Discrimination is unacceptable and unlawful. Catalyst Cloud will not tolerate discrimination towards others. If you have been discriminated against, our Discrimination Policy outlines the steps you should take.


We welcome diversity and we are committed to taking steps towards inclusion. This is about more than just refusing to tolerate racism or discrimination. We want Catalyst Cloud to reflect the community that we are a part of. We always make sure our DEI statement is public-facing by publishing it on our website. This also means our statements are open to feedback as we continue to learn. We welcome suggestions for change and improvement.

  • All Catalyst Cloud employees help encourage diversity by treating each other with respect and understanding.
  • Catalyst Cloud Directors and Management Team are responsible for promoting a culture of respect, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Catalyst Cloud People Team is responsible for collecting appropriate statistical information on our progress towards greater diversity, and ensuring hiring processes are inclusive.