Direct Connection (Beta)

Dedicated connection for consistent network performance and increased throughput

For the organisations with very high throughput requirements, or for those who want to benefit from the consistency of a private connection, we offer the option of establishing direct connections to your premises.

Private connections can offer faster download and upload times (high throughput), consistent network performance (lower latency), and enhanced security. Data transfer over your private connections is free, so the cost of transferring large amounts of data can be reduced substantially.


High throughput

Direct connections have optimised routes and lower latency, providing faster download and upload speeds.

Free data transfer

Benefit from unmetered access to data on the cloud, making it cost effective to analyse large data sets or to archive backups.

Increased security

Have your data transferred over a private connection that is under your control or managed by trusted service providers.

Consistent performance

Provide consistent network performance to systems hosted on the cloud, by eliminating interference caused by public Internet infrastructure.


Resource type Description Price per hour (ex GST) Price per month (ex GST)
n1.dc-l2-100m 100 Mbps direct connection (highly available port) $0.14 $100.00
n1.dc-l2-1g 1 Gbps direct connection (highly available port) $0.41 $300.00
n1.dc-l2-10g 10 Gbps direct connection (highly available port) $2.05 $1,500.00