Catalyst Cloud announces Enclave

25 January, 2024

Catalyst Cloud has announced the release of Enclave, allowing Enterprise-ready security, performance and cost discounts, whilst still getting all the benefits of public cloud.

Enclave is a new option for purchasing large amounts of CPU and RAM in a long-term, fixed rate and heavily discounted pricing model. By providing dedicated hypervisors and compute, Enclave acts almost as dedicated private cloud existing inside Catalyst Cloud data centres and dashboards. That means that users integrate with the platform the same way as if using public cloud, but with the assurance that the CPU and RAM they’re accessing is dedicated to them, ensuring even higher levels of security and performance than typical public cloud. Alongside this, the capability still remains to “burst” out into other Catalyst Cloud public cloud infrastructure, meaning that customers will still keep their scalability when needed.

Enclave is perfect for larger enterprises or teams who want a more steady approach to infrastructure costs but with even tighter security controls and the exact CPU and memory capacity they would want for their deployments. All with a significant drop in overall spend.

“We really wanted to be able to bring to market something which can combat some of the common problems larger enterprises find with public cloud,” says Catalyst Cloud GM, Paul Seiler. “When speaking with leaders in the IT industry, the potential for large variation and potentially expensive cost for long-running infrastructure compared to on-prem was even forcing users away from cloud. On top of this, some security risks for sharing hardware and hypervisors with other users would also cause a lot of problems for some users.

We wanted to bring to market an offering which would help alleviate both the variable nature of the spend and bring down the overall costs through larger, longer-term contracts whilst simultaneously ensuring the absolute pinnacle of cloud security and performance. What’s more, we wanted to keep the key benefit of near-infinite scalability through allowing users to burst from this fixed-rate infrastructure into our wider public cloud. To us, Enclave brings the innovation, the developer-level adaptability, the scalability and the lack of infrastructure management we all love about public cloud, but enhanced for large enterprises who want a fixed, significantly reduced cloud bill”

Enclave acts as a long-term reservation for CPU and RAM on Catalyst Cloud infrastructure behind a dedicated hypervisor, but still utilising Catalyst Cloud public cloud connections and interfaces. The ratio of CPU and RAM can be dictated by the customer with a minimum of 700 CPU and a term of 5 years. With Enclave, customers benefit from intense discounting compared to traditional public cloud usage, with the overall cost up to 75% cheaper.

“For some companies, income corresponds very closely with cloud costs, so matching variations in consumption with variations in monthly cloud bills is perfect; it echoes their business models and can fully capitalise on the Op-ex opportunities offered by public cloud. But for others, perhaps in the government sector, in academia or in some larger enterprises where direct user-base doesn’t equate to revenue, public cloud costs can scale almost uncontrollably without seeing the business benefits. Enclave ensures that these organisations will thrive with Catalyst Cloud and can still enjoy all the benefits that cloud brings but with far fewer downsides.

Our goal at Catalyst Cloud is to keep bringing innovation to the New Zealand cloud space, whether through products, integrations or through trying to remove some of the blockers or pains which New Zealand organisations may feel. Enclave is just one of the many ways we’re bringing innovative thinking to Aotearoa’s Cloud”

-- Gavin Thompson, Catalyst Cloud Board of Directors

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