Catalyst Cloud awarded All-of Government contract - a big win for data sovereignty

3 March, 2022

Catalyst Cloud are pleased to announce today that they have been awarded an All-of-Government Cloud Framework Agreement with Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs. The Agreement allows New Zealand government agencies to use cloud services from Catalyst Cloud much more easily.

As New Zealand’s only locally owned and operated cloud provider, Catalyst Cloud have been providing cloud infrastructure and platform services onshore since 2014, with three local data centre regions in Aotearoa.


The new Cloud Framework Agreement removes barriers around the procurement process that have been hindering government agencies from engaging Catalyst Cloud. Until now, only overseas cloud providers had been awarded All-of-Government Cloud Framework Agreements for public cloud, so government agencies wanting to adopt the Government’s Cloud First policy under these agreements had to store their data offshore in foreign owned data centres.

Catalyst Cloud CEO, Doug Dixon, said, “The Cloud Framework Agreement is a major milestone allowing all New Zealand Government Agencies to procure cloud services from Catalyst Cloud quickly and easily, removing what has been a significant barrier to adopting local cloud for the New Zealand public sector.” He went on to say, “We are delighted to now have a level playing field with our overseas-owned counterparts, giving government agencies the opportunity to keep their applications and data at home, protected by our nation’s laws and data privacy regulations”.

Data sovereignty is an increasingly important issue for New Zealand organisations, with growing concerns over New Zealanders’ personal data being held with foreign cloud providers under the jurisdictional control of their home country’s data laws. US owned cloud providers, for example, are subject to US laws including the US CLOUD Act meaning they may be forced to hand over data to US authorities, regardless of where the data is stored. More government agencies are wanting to repatriate sensitive data back to New Zealand to protect, and do the best by, their customers. As Catalyst Cloud is owned, operated and controlled by New Zealanders, government agencies now have a viable option to continue to enjoy the benefits of true cloud computing knowing their data is protected by NZ law and data privacy regulations.

Catalyst Cloud is built on OpenStack, the most widely deployed open source cloud software in the world. Their open software approach and the fact that data stored with Catalyst Cloud stays in Aotearoa, subject to our nations’ laws, is viewed positively by their Māori clients as they work to assert Māori data sovereignty.

Catalyst Cloud already have a number of public sector customers who chose to invest the extra effort and resources required in the procurement process, such as the Electoral Commission and Māori Television. Now more agencies will be able to enjoy the data sovereignty benefits, faster user experience and lower network latency that comes from local data centres.

With public cloud spend in New Zealand expected to grow year on year by more than 22%, the new Cloud Framework Agreement provides an opportunity for more of those technology investments to stay in New Zealand.

“This is something we are particularly proud of. As a Kiwi business, every dollar spent with Catalyst Cloud drives local innovation, talent and growth,” said Dixon. “We believe it is vital for New Zealand to invest in our own cloud infrastructure, and Catalyst Cloud has a massive role to play in New Zealand’s future stability and prosperity. We welcome the Government’s decision to give government agencies the option to ‘back their own horse’, keeping their data and technology spend safely in Aotearoa on Kiwi owned cloud infrastructure”.

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About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud is Aotearoa New Zealand’s cloud provider. With offices in Wellington and Auckland, Catalyst Cloud has been providing cloud infrastructure and platform services at international standards since 2014 and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, all our clients’ data stays safely in Aotearoa, protected by New Zealand law and data privacy regulations. Catalyst Cloud provides open technologies, like OpenStack and Kubernetes, so clients are never locked in.

Catalyst Cloud is dedicated to growing the digital economy in Aotearoa, with every dollar spent on our cloud solutions driving local innovation, talent and growth.

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