Catalyst Cloud cuts block storage price by 25%

22 June, 2017

It's now even cheaper to use block storage on the Catalyst Cloud. The price for block storage has been reduced by 25%, from $0.40 per GB a month to $0.30 per GB a month.

The “b1.standard” storage tier combines SSDs with HDDs to deliver an optimal balance between performance and cost. It stores three copies of the data on different servers for increased resiliency and durability. It is currently being used by hundreds of customers to run mission critical production workloads on the Catalyst Cloud.

This price reduction makes onshore data storage, backups, disaster recovery and digital asset storage more affordable and achievable for small and medium-sized New Zealand businesses.

“We were able to do this based on improvements to our storage software, hardware architecture and recent reductions in the cost of hardware. We are committed to passing back benefits like this to our customers as we grow and innovate to lower our costs,” says Bruno Lago, Catalyst Cloud General Manager.

The Catalyst Cloud remains the premier API-driven public cloud in New Zealand, with eighteen web services and three regions across the country, so data remains under New Zealand jurisdiction.