Catalyst Cloud Offers Large Compute Instances

30 June, 2017

The Catalyst Cloud now offers large compute instances for big data and visual effects rendering jobs.

The increase in the use of the Catalyst Cloud by Crown Research Institutes and Visual Effects organisations resulted in demand for compute instances with more vCPUs and RAM. Catalyst Cloud has introduced 6 large compute flavours, providing 32 vCPUs and RAM ranging from 16 to 256 GB.

In addition to the boost in compute power, Catalyst has reduced the prices of two existing flavours, as per the table below:

Flavour vCPUs RAM (GB) Current Price / Month New Price / Month Difference %
c1.c8r64 8 64 $1,001.04 $812.42 -18.84%
c1.c16r64 16 64 $1,154.85 $987.38 -14.50%

“The use of cloud computing for big data and rendering is often restricted by the cost of large data transfer or network latency. We are removing these barriers by delivering cost competitive and innovative onshore cloud services,” said Bruno Lago, GM of cloud.

Combined with the recently announced partnership with REANNZ, research organisations in NZ now have access to elastic compute with zero data transfer costs.