Catalyst Cloud releases NVIDIA GPU as a Service

19 April, 2023

Catalyst Cloud has officially released GPU as a Service, offering slices of NVIDIA A100 GPUs cards to the New Zealand marketplace.

GPUaaS is ideal for customers who want to run intensive computational applications including in such fields as AI, genomics, large language models, image and video analysis, big data analytics, weather forecasting, speech to speech and text to speech translation. Applications that have been developed to use parallel computing frameworks such as CUDA and OpenCL will seamlessly run on Catalyst Cloud’s GPUaaS.

Catalyst Cloud provided GPUaaS to selected customers such as Dragonfly Data Science, who have been trialling the service alongside their existing GPU services from international hyperscale providers. Dragonfly had he following comments about this new service:

"We were delighted to be invited as a tech preview customer for Catalyst Cloud’s new GPUaaS offering. To date we have seen impressed: Not only was it significantly faster than our current provider, but also significantly less expensive. Our engineer found it easy to use and appreciated the local knowledge and support from Catalyst Cloud has been excellent. We look forward to utilising this GPUaaS offering into the future and keeping more of our business in New Zealand." said Finlay Thompson, CEO, Dragonfly Data Science.

Catalyst Cloud continues to support the growth of Aotearoa New Zealand’s digital economy with world-class technology, and as an approved cloud provider to the New Zealand Government.

"With the development and implementation effort required, it was a significant investment to offer high performance GPUs to our customers. So far, the feedback has been exceptional, which is a great tribute to the Catalyst Cloud team with the vision and dedication to make this happen."

"Now our customers have an option to use New Zealand based GPUs at a market leading price/performance point. Additionally, they do so secure in the knowledge that their data and processing remains in Aotearoa, protected exclusively by our NZ legal jurisdiction and our privacy regulations." said Paul Seiler, Chief Operations Officer Catalyst Cloud.

Being the first cloud provider in New Zealand to offer the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST, Catalyst Cloud is also Tōitu certified net carbonzero, demonstrating their commitment to a low emissions economy.

GPUaaS is available to any existing customers who would like to try this new offering. New customers should either sign up or send an email ( to express their interest. We will assist organisations with onboarding and deployment, and intend to promote this service from beta to general availability in the near future.