Catalyst Cloud rolls out all-of-government pricing

2 June, 2017

Catalyst is announcing the introduction of all-of-government cloud pricing to enable the New Zealand government to successfully implement its Cloud First policy using onshore cloud services.

Cloud usage from government agencies will be counted as a single customer, providing greater volume discounts across the board. The more government agencies use our services, the more they save.

Catalyst’s General Manager Cloud Services, Bruno Lago says, "Our cloud and platform services allows the public sector to launch and manage applications on the cloud securely and cost effectively. We deliver prices comparable to global cloud providers and the five essential characteristics of cloud computing, enabling government agencies to realise the true benefits of cloud".

Data stored on the Catalyst Cloud is guaranteed to stay in New Zealand. We are a New Zealand company, therefore our customers enjoy the broad protections afforded by New Zealand legislation and governance.

The Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand’s most advanced cloud computing platform. It has an extensive catalogue of infrastructure and platform services, delivered in three regions onshore. It is used by hundreds of organisations, including enterprise, telecommunications, research and the public sector.

"When used to its full capacity, the Catalyst Cloud will generate approximately $240 million dollars of cloud revenue in New Zealand. This translates to hundreds of new jobs and the diversification of our economy. Offshore cloud providers are not required to pay taxes in New Zealand. Economic analysis shows that every dollar spent with the Catalyst Cloud returns $0.40 cents in tax to our local economy. Many offshore providers are able to avoid paying taxes or making a similar economic contribution. ” Mr Lago said.

To take advantage of the all-of-government pricing and for full details, please contact Catalyst.