Load Balancer Service out of Beta

5 November, 2020

We’re stoked to be making our new Catalyst Cloud load balancer service generally available.

By having a load balancer watching over your compute instances, you can ensure that the load is spread evenly between them, eliminating the strains of high traffic, such as unexpected peaks in lag or potential downtime. Our highly available load balancer service allows you to scale out and achieve better fault tolerance for your cloud-hosted applications, providing a resilient front-end system to your customers.

The load balancer service can operate both as an HTTP application load balancer (layer 7) or a network load balancer for TCP and UDP traffic (layer 4).

Chief Growth Officer, Igor Portugal said “The service encapsulates the complexity of implementing a typical load balancing solution into an easy to use cloud-based service that natively provides a multi-tenanted, highly scalable, and programmable alternative”.

The launch of the new service adds to a growing list of powerful, cost effective and easy to implement cloud solutions we’re offering, as the local true cloud innovators, developed especially for the New Zealand market. Igor Portugal said “It’s part of our dedication to making the cloud more accessible and to growing the digital economy in Aotearoa”.

About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand's leading local innovator in true cloud computing; the first to offer infrastructure as a service with the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST. As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider in New Zealand, they are the first to offer a CNCF Certified Kubernetes platform service onshore.

The New Zealand owned company has offices in Wellington and Auckland and provides locally based cloud services at international standards. Catalyst Cloud has been offering cloud computing services since 2014 and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, Catalyst Cloud is dedicated to making the cloud more accessible and to growing the digital economy in Aotearoa, with powerful, cost-effective, and easy to implement cloud solutions, developed especially for the local market.

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