Low-cost data storage option launched

23 April, 2020

Storing and retrieving large amounts of data in New Zealand just got a lot cheaper with the launch of Catalyst Cloud’s new low-cost Object Storage service. It’s just one of the initiatives launched by the local cloud computing innovator to improve access to cloud computing in NZ.

At a cost of only $0.03 per GB per month, the new single region object storage option is a massive saving. You will only pay for what you use, with no other hidden costs. Plus your data is kept securely here, in Aotearoa, protected by New Zealand law and data privacy regulations, in data-centres powered by renewable energy generating companies. In addition, you may be eligible for further discounts, driving your costs down even further.

Object Storage is the ideal service to store any amount of data for web apps, mobile apps, websites, IoT sensors, backups and much more. With Catalyst Cloud’s geo-replicated object storage service, objects are automatically replicated to preserve three copies of the data, one in each region of the Catalyst Cloud. With their new single-region object storage service, data is stored in only one of Catalyst Cloud’s NZ based regions, with three replicas of the data preserved in the chosen region.

Chief Growth Officer, Igor Portugal, said “Our new low-cost object storage option gives New Zealand businesses a much cheaper way to store their data safely in New Zealand and in many cases eliminates the price as the reason to take their data offshore. If geo-replication isn’t as important to you, but you’re looking for a cost efficient and safe way to store and retrieve your data within New Zealand, then our single-region object storage service could be for you.”

Join a growing number of organisations, including Vodafone, PaySauce and Dragonfly Data Science, that rely on Catalyst Cloud’s Object Storage service to serve data to their customers. Find out more.

About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud are New Zealand's leading local innovator in true cloud computing; the first to offer infrastructure as a service with the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST, the first to offer a CNCF Certified Kubernetes platform and the first Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. The New Zealand owned company has offices in Wellington and Auckland and provides locally based cloud services at international standards. Catalyst Cloud has been offering Cloud Computing services for over four years and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, Catalyst Cloud is dedicated to making the cloud more accessible and to growing the digital economy in Aotearoa, with powerful, cost effective, and easy to implement cloud solutions, developed especially for the local market.