New features released on Catalyst Cloud

4 December, 2015

We've released new features and improvements to Catalyst Cloud, delivering more functionality and significant user experience improvements.


  • The dashboard now remembers the region and project that you are working on, so you do not have to switch when you log back in.
  • The cloud orchestration service is now available from the dashboard. The new orchestration panel allows you to launch and manage the life-cycle of your application stacks.
  • The launch compute instance wizard has been redesigned for simplicity and clarity, especially on the storage options for your compute instance (volume of ephemeral).
  • The network topology view has been completely redesigned. It allows the visualisation of complex network topologies and lots of resources, through the use of a force directed graph.
  • The usage costs panel now offers more granularity. It allows you to drill down resources in each category (for example: break down costs for compute instances).


  • Compute instances can now be locked, to prevent accidental termination or changes.

Block storage

  • Block storage volumes can now be transferred between tenants within the same region, using the create transfer and accept transfer feature.

The following image shows a complex network being represented visually by the new network topology view:

New network topology.png

We're continuously introducing new services and features to Catalyst Cloud. We value your input and feedback to prioritise the features that will be added to our cloud next.