Now Launching: Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Service

7 May, 2024

Today, Catalyst Cloud officially launch our Managed Kubernetes Service: Catalyst Cloud Kubernetes Services (CCKS)

CCKS makes it easier to run Kubernetes-based applications in Catalyst Cloud, meaning you and your teams can spend less time handling infrastructure and more time deploying and developing! CCKS is the first CNCF certified managed Kubernetes service to be completely hosted in New Zealand, guaranteeing data sovereignty, no conversion rates and locally based support teams for your k8s workload.

With CCKS, you can bring whatever Kubernetes-based services or tools to your cluster, whilst letting CCKS handle the infrastructure management, auto-healing, auto-scaling, etc. This means that any Kubernetes workload running either on-premise or across cloud providers now has a simple route into cloud environments right here in New Zealand, all without the hassle of managing the infrastructure itself.

Some of CCKS' features:

  • Cluster auto-healing for control plane and worker nodes
  • Pod auto-scaling according to either CPU utilisation or another custom metric
  • Cluster auto-scaling of worker nodes based on the workload requirement
  • Rolling upgrades to allow easy and no-downtime upgrades to applications
  • Integrated dashboards for a simpler visualisation and integration
  • Integrated load balancer allowing you to expose your application simply to either the internet or private networks
  • Integrated monitoring at the container level through Prometheus and Grafana
  • Stateful application support through PVCs
  • Enhanced resiliency with control plane and worker nodes created in anti-affinity groups by default
  • Enhanced security with clusters being deployed to private networks by default, alongside easy to manage network policies

If you'd like to try it out, check out some of our getting started documentation, our product page contact our sales team for a chat or sign up for a new account!