Object Storage gets even cheaper

11 July, 2023

Catalyst Cloud is pleased to announce that our Object Storage service has further price reductions resulting from greater efficiencies, and these efficiencies are being passed on to you.

From July 1, Object Storage with geographically diverse locations over New Zealand will cost $0.10 per GB-month, while storage in a single location will reduce to $0.05 per GB-month. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (with no uncertainty about exchange rates) and exclude GST.

Object Storage is perfect for durable archives of data, analytics sources paired with our GPU-capable servers, and don't require any fixed size commitments or agreements. Pay for only the storage you use, at the time you use it.

Unlike other local providers of storage, we don't just put your data in a far off location that is hard to access at speed, but provide all the other services needed to manage, consume, and work with large data sets. You can blend Object Storage with systems that use high performance Block Storage or Compute as well.