Catalyst Cloud Research Grants - Helping drive innovation in Aotearoa

9 April, 2024

Catalyst Cloud has recently launched their Research Grant program, aimed to help students, staff and researchers across New Zealand. This research grant offers cloud resources for research projects from accredited research institutions here in New Zealand. All a student, faculty member or researcher needs to do is apply for the research grant, detailing their project and it's individual cloud needs. Once done and approved, they can then utilise Catalyst Cloud's resources, based in data centres across Aotearoa, for their research.

"Our research institutions drive innovation forward across New Zealand. They're the absolute bedrock of our countries continuing development as a nation of innovators, scientists and thought-leaders. We at Catalyst Cloud want to help these innovators in any way we can. The simplest way? Enabling them to use our public cloud resources without charge."

If you are a researcher or academic with cloud resource needs, perhaps one who understands the significance of Data Sovereignty to cloud best practices, or else is climate conscious and understands the needs for cloud providers to be CarbonZero, or perhaps need some best-in-class managed Kubernetes based here in New Zealand, then read more here!