VIEWS: How Cloud Technology helps Innovation and Disruption

20 November, 2019

Watch Catalyst Cloud’s Chief Growth Officer, Igor Portugal, share his knowledge on the impact of cloud technologies on the pace of innovation. Igor spoke on the topic at the ITx Rutherford Conference and this video was captured of him speaking on it again at the NZ Conference of Business & Technology.

There is much misconception in the market about what cloud computing is. Many people still believe that cloud is "a computer in somebody else's data-centre". Igor discusses the difference between true cloud computing and traditional data centre hosting and virtualisation.

Learn how organisations can take advantage of cloud-native applications and the impact cloud computing is having on the pace of innovation. For example, how do you go from upgrading your software once a year or every few years and causing or having to mitigate a major disruption to your business, to a cloud-native model where software gets updated up to 1500 times per week without the end-users noticing?

About Catalyst Cloud: The New Zealand owned company has offices in Wellington and Auckland and provides locally based cloud services at international standards. Catalyst Cloud has been offering Cloud Computing services for over four years and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.

Catalyst Cloud is making cloud computing more accessible with powerful, easy to implement, and cost effective solutions, developed especially for the local market. The company recently released New Zealand's first Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certified Kubernetes platform and the first local explainer video for Kubernetes.