Windows Open on Catalyst Cloud

8 August, 2016

Catalyst are excited to announce Windows Server images are now available on Catalyst Cloud.

Since its launch, Catalyst Cloud has been the cloud of choice for organisations running modern web applications in New Zealand. Its range of services offered in a self-service, software driven and paid by the hour way, is something not found in other NZ service providers.

“Our cloud has always attracted organisations doing modern web and mobile development with open source software and open standards. It is a natural fit.

Including Windows images now opens up more opportunities for New Zealand businesses and innovators.” said Bruno Lago, General Manager of Catalyst Cloud.

Catalyst have teamed up with Wellington-based Microsoft Gold Partners, Provoke Solutions to deliver Windows on Catalyst Cloud.

Just as Catalyst are experts on Linux and open source, Provoke Solutions are experts on Microsoft technologies and .Net development.

“Provoke are one of the few Windows companies in New Zealand that truly understand cloud computing and have the capabilities to do DevOps with Windows in the same way that Catalyst do with Linux,” said Mr Lago.

“Catalyst remains committed to open source, but in partnering with Provoke, we have been able to offer our clients and potential customers greater choice and flexibility in cloud computing,” Mr Lago said.

Windows Server 2014 R2 images are available now and are provided and supported by Provoke Solutions. The cost of these images is 20.48% on top of our standard compute prices. Starting at $0.053 per hour for a Windows compute instance, the end price to customers extremely competitive when compared to other cloud providers. The surcharge is passed back in full to Provoke.