Growing a cloud native New Zealand

As New Zealand's local innovator in true cloud computing, we are making the cloud more accessible to accelerate the growth of our digital economy in Aotearoa. Not only are we the first in New Zealand to offer a CNCF certified Kubernetes service, but we think we're also the first in the country to deliver a simple video explanation of what Kubernetes can do!

The Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program means the Kubernetes APIs work as expected, and are portable across any certified platform, so you’re free to move between cloud providers.

Our approach at Catalyst Cloud is to make cloud computing more accessible with powerful, cost effective, and easy to implement cloud solutions that work for local businesses, big and small. Just ask our customers.

As pioneers in cloud computing, we were also the first in Aotearoa to offer infrastructure as a service with the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, we develop solutions specific to the needs of this market. It’s easy to get started with pay as you go, tailored services, standardized APIs, and a simple dashboard. And then it’s just as easy to scale as you need.

As well as being easy to use and the leading local innovators, other reasons to make Catalyst Cloud part of your cloud computing strategy include:

  • We’re uniquely placed to minimise risk and improve business resiliency, with three local data centres in New Zealand.
  • Our pricing is competitive so you can enjoy local service and support at costs comparable with global providers.
  • We drive competition, open standards and innovation through our participation in the open source movement.

A local business with a global outlook, we’re always looking to help both the international cloud computing industry, and New Zealand businesses evolve.

Once you join, we’re confident you’ll want to stay with us, not because we lock you in, but because you’ll enjoy the service. Sign up today for $300 of free public cloud credit to trial Catalyst Cloud or to simply stay in touch.