Migrating to the Cloud – Watch our Expert Panel

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Held on Friday, 24 July 2020

  • What are the common ways organizations fail when trying to adopt the cloud?
  • What are the realities of different multi cloud strategies?
  • Is there a benefit to using multiple cloud providers and how do you go about securing your multi-cloud footprint?
  • What is the relationship between open source and cloud technologies and how do open source technologies drive what cloud really means?
  • What are the paths to simplify the journey to cloud native technology implementations?
  • How do you protect server-less or API driven environments?
  • What is the impact of data privacy concerns and their impact on cloud security?

Get the answers from our expert panel.


Michael Schmid, Head of Technology, Founder, & Partner at amazee.io, specializing in streamlining cloud native web development process, making it easier to develop and deploy cloud applications. amazee.io's global open source hosting platform, Lagoon, equips developers with better deployment processes, the freedom of local development and the flexibility of a Docker-based environment.

John King, Cyber Security Expert at Thinking, specializing in Cloud Security, Vulnerability & Risk Analysis, Policy Creation & Business process analysis

David Zanetti, Cloud Architect at Catalyst Cloud. Former Enterprise Architect (Cloud and Infrastructure) at Air New Zealand.

The panel was MC'd by Igor Portugal, Chief Growth Officer at Catalyst Cloud.

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