How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

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When: Wednesday, 4 November, 11AM

Current times have shown the necessity for companies to have the right security measures in place. The rise of digital footprints has seen an increase in attack surfaces, adding more complexity to companies wishing to monitor and protect themselves from attack.

  • The new Privacy Act 2020 having been passed by parliament presents risk for your business that needs to be managed - how do you know that you are compliant?
  • How can CISOs address shortages in skilled personnel?
  • Why companies adopt more than one cloud provider?
  • How can businesses maintain their current visibility and control while expanding across multi-cloud deployments?
  • With the adoption of Australian based services, how can business outsource their infrastructure while keeping data onshore?
  • When backing up data how do you secure it in the cloud and in transit?
  • What about cloud storage costs, what makes object storage different from traditional ways of storing data?
  • How can businesses deploy an easy and comprehensive 3-2-1 backup strategy?
  • How do you prevent large backups or restores killing the Internet circuits?
  • How do you automate disaster recovery?

Bring some of your own questions and get the answers from our expert panel.


James Meuli, Security Solutions Architect, Fortinet;

Aseem Manmualiya, Lead Product Manager, specializing in product success and strategic engagements  at QNAP Systems, Inc.;

David Zanetti, Cloud Architect at Catalyst Cloud. Former Enterprise Architect (Cloud and Infrastructure) at Air New Zealand;

John King, Cyber Security Expert at Thinking, specializing in Cloud Security, Vulnerability & Risk Analysis, Policy Creation & Business process analysis;

The panel will be MC'd by Igor Portugal, Chief Growth Officer at Catalyst Cloud.

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