Cloud Connect by REANNZ

Powered by Catalyst Cloud


Members of REANNZ are able to leverage their membership to gain network connectivity options to Catalyst Cloud. All members should already be able to access our nz-hlz-1 region via redundant 10GbE connections between the region and REANNZ. This is to any services running in the applicable regions, regardless of who is running them.

In addition, members are able to receive the additional services provided by REANNZ's Cloud Connect service, all of these can be used in conjunction with Catalyst Cloud's Direct Connection service:

  • Private networking as a Layer 2 or Layer 3 service.
  • Inter-cloud connectivity to other cloud providers accessible via Cloud Connect.
  • Inter-region connectivity for Catalyst Cloud.

The above services can be provided over the existing data circuits between Catalyst Cloud and REANNZ, however if dedicated Direct Connection ports are required, then a Direct Connection fee is applicable.

If you require REANNZ connectivity to our nz-por-1 region, please contact us.

Catalyst Cloud charges $0.04/GB for traffic exiting towards REANNZ, this fee is waived until 31 March 2025.


REANNZ is a trusted connector of people in the research, science and innovation sector – at home in Aotearoa, and across the globe.

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