DevOps and Cloud Tooling by Eiara

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DevOps and Cloud Tooling

DevOps processes are the building blocks that make modern cloud technologies possible. By rethinking how teams function across the whole organisation, new practices are unlocked that enable rapid development, intrinsic security mindsets, and deployment-first methodologies.

Eiara works with your organisation to provide an in-depth understanding of the cultural pressures imposed by any DevOps transition or practice, to enable building true DevOps capability.

We also offer a comprehensive toolkit for deploying web technologies into the Catalyst Cloud, based on the industry-leading infrastructure-as-code platform, Terraform.

About Eiara

DevOps isn’t a technology, it’s a culture. We live and breathe the culture that makes DevOps possible, and the difficulties that make it hard.

The tools are only the beginning.

If you'd like to talk with someone about how best to tackle your problem just call our team right here in New Zealand on 0800 2282 5683 or send us an email. We'll hook you up with the best people to help. Or see our wide range of Cloud Computing services.