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ACSData Direct Connect lets you extend your on-premises networks into Catalyst Cloud over a private connection.

Connectivity can be from anywhere in the world, as ACSData will create a layer 3 private network connection from your premises directly into Catalyst Cloud infrastructure. Your data is completely secure as it is always within the ACSData Global Network. Routing can be controlled by you using common routing protocols like BGP or OSPF.

ACSData builds direct connectivity across its global MPLS WAN on private VRFs to create the best quality and most secure service possible. This means you receive a full 1500/1600 or 9000 byte MTU, your choice!

Fully fibre/vendor diverse options for maximum uptime are available. ACSData manages all the fail over should a supplier's fibre have a failure. This ensures a target uptime of 100% is possible.

ACSData Direct Connect connections don't go over the public Internet so they are not tunnelled (tunnelling creates a lower than 1500 byte MTU). This allows ACSData Direct Connect connections to offer more reliability, faster speeds, consistent latencies, and higher security than typical connections over the Internet. For information on how to connect your network to Catalyst Cloud using ACSData Direct Connect contact your local Catalyst Cloud representative.

About ACSData

ACSData was established in 1999 with a view to providing technology and services to their customers based on the mantra of “doing things the right way – first time”. They offer a full range of services including supply, outsourcing, management and design of all aspects of telecommunications and IT markets.

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