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Kube Hunter by Aqua Security hunts for security weaknesses in Kubernetes clusters. The tool was developed to increase awareness and visibility for security issues in Kubernetes environments.

You should NOT run kube-hunter on a Kubernetes cluster that you don't own!

Run kube-hunter: kube-hunter is available as a container (aquasec/kube-hunter), and we also offer a web site at https://kube-hunter.aquasec.com where you can register online to receive a token allowing you to see and share the results online.

Explore vulnerabilities: The kube-hunter knowledge base includes articles about discoverable vulnerabilities and issues. When kube-hunter reports an issue, it will show its VID (Vulnerability ID) so you can look it up in the KB at https://aquasecurity.github.io/kube-hunter/

If you're interested in kube-hunter's integration with the Kubernetes ATT&CK Matrix Continue Reading

Contribute: We welcome contributions, especially new hunter modules that perform additional tests. If you would like to develop your modules please read Guidelines For Developing Your First kube-hunter Module.


About Aqua Security

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Aqua Security enables Catalyst Cloud customers to securely build, scale and automate cloud-native applications as well as ensure that controls, configurations, and account settings across their environments conform to security best practices and compliance requirements.

Aqua facilitates security and DevOps collaboration for the cloud-native journey, embeds security and assurance into Cloud build and artefact pipelines, validates and remediates Cloud infrastructure configurations, and protects workloads at runtime - including detecting malware, unauthorised changes to images, code injection, and supply chain attacks."

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