Maestro Windows Server Management from Silicon

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Maestro Windows Server Management from Silicon is a state-of-the-art maintenance and monitoring solution that ensures your servers are regularly updated and tested, monitored for resilience, and protected from cyber-threats.

Maestro ensures that your server environment remains consistent, stable and secure.

Maestro Windows Server Management from Silicon includes the following:

  • A Remote management Agent installed on the server, to allow remote resolution for any issues requiring response;
  • Automated Windows Server Updates applied monthly, outside of business hours with full server restarts and testing;
  • Out-of-Cycle critical updates as required outside of business hours;
  • Remote Proactive server monitoring on the key parameters;
  • Alerting on key server attributes to designated support email addresses;
  • Optional Premium AI-powered End Point protection for the highest level of threat protection, with 24/7 SOC human monitoring, response and forensics;
  • Optional 24/7 Server Support Response & Helpdesk Service.


About Silicon

Silicon is one of New Zealand’s most established and respected Managed Services providers with a proven track record spanning over 28 years within the government, not-for-profit and private sectors.

Silicon is supported by a strong network of leading global support service vendors, coupled with a robust local support structure.

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