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Sandfly's Agentless Security Platform Hunts for Hackers Automatically

Sandfly is an agentless security platform which provides intrusion detection and incident response for Linux. We are able to protect your Linux fleet without loading any software on your endpoints.

The Linux security platform that hunts for rootkits, malware and compromised hosts without endpoint agents.

Many users of Linux have no endpoint monitoring at all. Our experience has shown that this is a tremendous mistake. Linux compromises happen just as regularly as they do with Windows. Yet the results can be worse as Linux systems are often serving critical data directly to your customers or storing critical data for you. With no monitoring on your Linux hosts, an intruder can enter and cause extensive damage to your organization and reputation.

With our agentless deployment, you can have Linux monitoring and know you are following best practices to protect your data against serious risks of theft or damage.

Security personnel are expensive and scarce

Sandfly is an automated security investigator that amplifies your team’s effectiveness to monitor Linux. We give your team accurate and detailed information to react quickly to threats, even if your organization has limited Linux forensic and security experience in-house.

Sandfly was designed to be fast to set up and use. Our unique approach ensures remote systems can not only be protected quickly, but they will have virtually no resource impacts when being monitored.

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Leave Sandfly to Work

Sandfly is designed to automatically prune its databases and take care of other internal maintenance tasks unattended. It will keep an eye on your hosts and send out any alerts if it finds a problem. You can go back to doing other things and let Sandfly stand guard.

If you receive alerts, they will contain a wealth of information about the attack including a plain English explanation of what is going on along with detailed forensic data. Your security team can then determine the best course of action to take. Sandfly is careful to not alter anything on the disk so forensic data is not compromised if needed for later use.

If you'd like to talk with someone about how best to tackle your problem just call our team right here in New Zealand on 0800 2282 5683 or send us an email. We'll hook you up with the best people to help. Or see our wide range of Cloud Computing services.