Spinnaker managed by DeRef

Powered by Catalyst Cloud


If you're creating and deploying software, then you should be striving for Continuous Delivery to enable your development team to safely deliver software changes into production with high velocity, good visibility and low administrative overhead.

DeRef's managed Spinnaker service on Catalyst Cloud is the first step on your journey to Continuous Delivery. DeRef will have you up and running in a fraction of the time and cost it would take your dev team to build it themselves, and on a platform which will support you all the way to Continuous Delivery.


DeRef selected Spinnaker as their preferred continuous delivery platform because it solves the problems clients are facing by making the deployment process visible, simple, and safe. They also have have confidence in its longevity, since it's an open-source project with a vibrant and supportive community including major international corporations. In addition, it is built to work natively with Kubernetes, which is the dominant container runtime for software operations.

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