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With Aqua Trivy, DevOps teams can get set up and start scanning as fast as development requires. No database dependencies or middleware are required, and integration into the CI/CD pipeline is a simple binary installation.

Deployment and integration into the CI/CD pipeline is as simple as installing the binary and specifying a target. Aqua Trivy has a compact database, with auto-update capabilities that do not require middleware or database dependencies. Scanning takes seconds, and critical CVEs can be filtered directly in the command line.

The open source default scanner of choice

Those who are just beginning with cloud native security can be confident in choosing Aqua Trivy, based on the extensive range of public testimonials and its wide use as a default scanner.

Broad & accurate coverage

Gain comprehensive visibility across operating system packages and programming language packages, with detailed vulnerability information available at the Aqua Vulnerability Database. See results for fixed and unfixed vulnerabilities, and achieve low false positives for historically difficult operating systems such as Alpine Linux and RHEL/CentOS.

Security with the least friction

Reduce management overhead and minimise friction with security by working with Aqua Trivy as an integrated experience in your current tech stack. Benefit from regular contributions and integration feature requests.

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About Aqua Security

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Aqua Security enables Catalyst Cloud customers to securely build, scale and automate cloud-native applications as well as ensure that controls, configurations, and account settings across their environments conform to security best practices and compliance requirements.

Aqua facilitates security and DevOps collaboration for the cloud-native journey, embeds security and assurance into Cloud build and artefact pipelines, validates and remediates Cloud infrastructure configurations, and protects workloads at runtime - including detecting malware, unauthorised changes to images, code injection, and supply chain attacks."

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