Catalyst Cloud’s kiwi-first Managed Database Service now with PostgreSQL support

26 March, 2021

Just months after Catalyst Cloud launched their Managed Database Service in Tech Preview, the local cloud computing innovator is excited to announce that the service now supports the highly popular PostgreSQL database engine, along with reaching the Beta stage.

PostgreSQL is a popular target for migration from legacy Enterprise database engines, with high standards compliance and capabilities that match legacy engines but without the high license costs. Combined with existing support for MySQL, the Managed Database Service now covers the two most popular engines for cloud-based systems.


Catalyst Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer, David Zanetti, said “This is a really important step to help kiwi businesses keep their data safely in New Zealand and under New Zealand laws, and to escape the high price of their legacy database systems.”

Catalyst Cloud has extensive experience in running PostgreSQL, and the service reflects battle-tested best practices in operating the engine. “The Catalyst Cloud team has the depth of experience in running PostgreSQL that other providers just don’t have. We’ve wrapped that expertise in an easy to access and run service,” said David Zanetti.

As with other Catalyst Cloud services, database engines are provided on pay-as-you-go pricing, with the flexibility to run a database for only the time you need it. This is valuable for tasks such as Disaster Recovery testing, maintaining test versions of applications that may not be used full time, and many other situations.

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About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand's leading local innovator in true cloud computing; the first to offer infrastructure as a service with the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST. As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider in New Zealand, they are the first to offer a CNCF Certified Kubernetes platform service onshore.

The New Zealand owned company has offices in Wellington and Auckland and provides locally based cloud services at international standards. Catalyst Cloud has been offering cloud computing services since 2014 and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.