Kiwi companies and government agencies can now get local, open source, true cloud web-hosting used by Australian Government

10 September, 2020

The cloud web hosting solution used by the Australian Government’s whole of government digital platform, GovCMS, is now available for kiwi companies of all sizes and government-related agencies, with the announcement today that global cloud managed web hosting service provider,, and NZ cloud computing innovators, Catalyst Cloud, are collaborating to offer a New Zealand based open source web hosting solution. Based on Kubernetes using’s open source hosting platform, Lagoon, and Catalyst Cloud’s hosting infrastructure, the solution is built to autoscale to meet demand, while maintaining enterprise-grade security and availability. For organizations concerned about data sovereignty, this partnership offers a compelling alternative to hosting solutions provided by the big names in the business without a local presence.

The only fully open source hosting platform of its kind in the world, Lagoon is unique amongst its peers. With a 99.9%+ uptime guarantee, customers can host in a multi-tenant environment or in their own dedicated cluster. Lagoon supports Drupal, Silverstripe, WordPress, Laravel, Node.JS, and most other content management systems. Together, and Catalyst Cloud are proud to offer a flexible, transparent, developer-centric, fully managed web hosting solution.

In addition to hosting thousands of websites worldwide, provides the hosting platform and managed hosting services for GovCMS, Australia’s whole-of-government digital platform. The GovCMS platform hosts more than 300 different government-related websites with hundreds of millions of hits per month. While many government websites suffered downtimes or required manual autoscaling during COVID-19, the sites hosted by amazee.iomaintained their stability thanks to Lagoon’s ability to autoscale their hosting infrastructure in seconds when required.

“Data privacy, security, speed and platform scalability are undeniably the highest-ranked requirements of today's enterprises and organisations,” says Franz Karlsberger, CEO of “Partnering and innovating with Catalyst Cloud in New Zealand gives local companies and government-related agencies the opportunity to host their applications and data in New Zealand on a fully managed, enterprise-grade, highly secure, scalable container-based platform".

Whereas other hosting providers run legacy code that's infrequently updated, new releases are made to Lagoon monthly. The full codebase is maintained on GitHub, so developers have complete insight into releases, configuration and architecture, and can contribute to features, discussions and documentation. This helps with issue debugging, prevents vendor lock-in and provides insight into future development. The 24x7 monitoring and chat support directly from’s systems engineers is a game changer for organisations who need assistance if issues arise. Other hosting providers require a cumbersome ticket and triage process and often require developers to reiterate or restate their issues during escalation between different support levels.

“We are very excited that has partnered with Catalyst Cloud to bring their world-class open source web hosting solution to New Zealand,” says Catalyst Cloud’s Managing Director, Bruno Lago. “Their expertise and world-leading platform, and our state-of-the-art infrastructure and true cloud services, are a winning combination.” The web hosting solution also allows data to be stored securely in Aotearoa, protected by New Zealand law and data privacy regulations, in data centres powered by companies generating renewable energy.

About Catalyst Cloud

Catalyst Cloud is New Zealand's leading local innovator in true cloud computing; the first to offer infrastructure as a service with the five essential characteristics of cloud computing according to NIST. As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider in New Zealand, they are the first to offer a CNCF Certified Kubernetes platform service onshore.

The New Zealand owned company has offices in Wellington and Auckland and provides locally based cloud services at international standards. Catalyst Cloud has been offering cloud computing services since 2014 and became an independent company within the Catalyst IT group in August 2017.

As a New Zealand owned and operated business, Catalyst Cloud is dedicated to making the cloud more accessible and to growing the digital economy in Aotearoa, with powerful, cost-effective, and easy to implement cloud solutions, developed especially for the local market.


About is a global Managed Service Provider delivering enterprise-grade container hosting, leveraging the open source build and deploy platform Lagoon – purposely built for Kubernetes-based modern cloud environments.

They empower large scale organizations and governments with better deployment processes, the freedom of local development, a flexible container-based hosting platform that can be located anywhere in the world, and 24/7 white glove support and services.