The Catalyst Cloud enables the public sector within New Zealand to successfully implement its Cloud First policy using onshore cloud services.


Join a growing number of agencies who are already using New Zealand's most advanced cloud to serve New Zealanders better.

  • Volume discount

    All-of-Government pricing

    Cloud usage from all government departments is aggregated, resulting in a 10% volume discount to public sector customers.

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  • Data sovereignty

    Strong data sovereignty guarantees

    Data stored on the Catalyst Cloud is guaranteed to stay in New Zealand. We are a fully New Zealand owned company, and our cloud services are governed by New Zealand law, including the Privacy Act 1993.

  • Compliance

    Comply with guidance from DIA and GCIO

    A ready-to-use template helps agencies to successfully address the cloud security and privacy questions outlined by DIA and GCIO.

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  • Faster experience

    Faster experience to Kiwis

    Serve New Zealanders better, with lower network latency, due to physical proximity. Some of our customers report a 30% faster user experience after moving their web applications from Australia back to New Zealand.

  • Local market

    Motivate the local market

    ICT is one of the fastest growing markets in our country. Every dollar spend with the Catalyst Cloud stays in New Zealand driving local innovation and growth.

Contact our sales team to find out more, or our support team after signing up to confirm your addition to the All-of-Government pricing program to not miss out on your discount.

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New Zealand Government can use the Catalyst Cloud

Discussions between Catalyst and the DIA have clarified that the NZ Government can use the Catalyst Cloud.

Details can be found on this news article.

Comply with guidance from DIA and GCIO

Use our template to successfully address the cloud security and privacy questions outlined by DIA and GCIO.

Download the risk assessment template

Data sovereignty risks go beyond where the data is located

Cloud providers with headquarters in the United States may be forced to disclose data hosted in other countries by the Department of Justice of the United States.

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